SUPER Zettelkasten Workshop Beta-II

Create Unique Content with a proven system to cross-pollinate ideas.

Most "note-taking courses" focus on building custom systems (and leave the messy creative process for you to figure out on your own)...

Super Zettelkasten gives you a proven tool and roadmap on how to capture, organize and cross-pollinate ideas to generate unique insights that you need to stand out in today's content creation world.

The January cohort is now closed. Sign up to get in the front of the line for the next cohort.

    The Schedule:

    • Jan 9, 2023 - Workshop 1 (60-75 min)
    • Jan 11, 2023 - Workshop 2 (60-75 min)
    • Jan 16, 2023 - Workshop 3 (60-75 min)
    • Jan 18, 2023 - Q&A (60 min)

    *All sessions happen at 7 a.m. PST.

    In the workshops, we’ll cover…

    • Workshop 1:
      • The easiest way to understand Luhmann's Zettelkasten
      • How to capture and organize knowledge efficiently
      • Group Activity: Unpacking problems and idea
      • Outcome: Become a concept hunter
    • Workshop 2
      • Organize your ideas to talk with each other
      • How to set up your keyword index
      • Group activity: Step-by-step process of cross-pollinating ideas
      • Outcome: Minimal Viable Zettelkasten
    • Workshop 3:
      • S.U.P.E.R framework
      • How to write content incrementally and screw DEEP WORK
      • Outcome: Turn knowledge into action

    Price: $129.

    You’ll also get:

    • A starter vault
    • Readwise setup with Obsidian Guide

    Money-back guarantee: If you’ve completed the first week’s workshops, and homework but don’t feel like you’re getting enough value, I’ll be happy to refund you.